Inside Prora

a film by Nico Weber

Inside Prora

Germany, Italy, USA | 2020 | 100:00 min

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Some are fascinated by its architectural radicalism: modernist, rationalist and monumental. Others hate this building and consider it highly toxic because of its dark history. Prora, the second largest architectural legacy of the Third Reich after the Nuremberg Reich Party Rally Grounds, polarizes.
The longest building in the world on the German Baltic coast on Rugen stretches over 4.5 kilometers. Prora tells us his and our story: planned Strength-by-joy seaside resort of the Nazi regime, military barracks of the GDR dictatorship, future Baltic seaside resort. 'Monster by the Sea', 'Colossus by Rügen' or 'Führer Block' – his synonyms testify to a superlative with creepy potential.
INSIDE PRORA tells on the one hand German-German history. On the other hand, however, it narrates in the international context. Using special artistic means, it explores some complex phenomena of history in the 20th and 21st centuries, thus penetrating the tacit assumptions from which architecture draws its strength.

• Ulrich Busch - The First Prora Developer (Rugen, Germany)
• Wim Cox - Photographer and Archivist (Cologne, Germany)
• Marco D'Eramo - Publicist and Social Philosopher (Rome, Italy)
• Peter Eisenman - Star Architect (New York, USA)
• Rainer Eppelmann - "Minister for Disarmament and Defense" in the last GDR-Government and former Bausoldat (Berlin, Germany)
• Antonio Ghionzoli - Architect (Calambrone, Italy)
• Romy Guruz - Architect and Head of Building Authority, Vice Mayor of Binz (Rugen, Germany)
• Justinian Jampol - Historian, Director and Founder of The Wende Museum (LA, USA)
• Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani, Architect and Architectural Historian (Milan, Italy)
• Hendrik Liersch, Book Artist and Former Bausoldat in Prora (Berlin, Germany)
• Katja Lucke, Head of the Prora Documentation Centre (Berlin and Prora, Germany)
• Susanna Misgajski, Head of the Prora Centre, (Museum and Educational Facility in Prora, Germany)
• Massimo Ricci, Projectdeveloper „Colonia Marina Novarese" (Emilia-Romagna, Italy)
• Eric G. E. Zuelow, Tourism Historian (Maine, USA)
Cast and Crew
  • Director Nico Weber
  • Producer Nico Weber (NOW Collective)
  • Director of Photography Marc Nordbruch
  • Line producer Jörg Leine
  • Editor Marc Nordbruch
  • Score Ralf Merten
  • Specialeffects Supervisor Lukas Schwarzkogler
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Production Company
NOW Collective GmbH & CO.KG
Friedelstrasse 40, 12047 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 55613226
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