a film by Fatima Abdollahyan


Germany | 2012 | 90:00 min

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After nearly 5,000 years of autocratic rule the Egpytian people finally get the chance of a truly free election in 2011. But how can democratic thinking and acting be established in a country that has never experienced it before? Ashraf El Sharkawy, 39, knows Egypt only from his summer holidays. Born and raised in Germany to Egyptian parents he has become a succsessfull manager for the largest insurance company in the world when the revolution on Tahrir-Square unfolds and Ashraf hears his call. Driven by the urge to give something back to his ancestor's country he returns to Egypt to start a democratization campaign called ‘Freedom Bus’. His goal is to reach one million peope in six months prior to the elections. Will the bus hold and will the people listen to a foreigner?
Cast and Crew
  • Director Fatima Abdollahyan
  • Producer Ingo Fliess
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if... Productions e.K.
Lindwurmstr. 108a, 80337 München

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