a film by Sékou Neblett


Germany | 2015 | 89:00 min

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Tigon! An enigma of the hip hop world who nobody really knows whether he ever existed. According to legend, he is the inventor of German hip hop who created milestones in the history of hip hop and tragically died shortly after his first and only performance ever. For a while, his existence was shrouded by rumors and stories, until little by little he was completely forgotten. Until now …
Marcus Staiger (founder of German 'ghetto rap', journalist, music label founder and producer), Falk Schacht (journalist and hip hop connoisseur), and Sékou Neblett (former member of the legendary group 'Freundeskreis' and now a director) take off on a journey in search of Tigon. The possibility of proving his existence and, as a result, re-writing the history of hip hop, seems too important and too appealing to not at least try. But the deeper our protagonists become involved in questions of the past, the more their hunt becomes a search for their own identity and turns into a wild goose chase in which it is no longer clear who is the hunter and who is the hunted … ( Hof IFF)

Starring: Afrob, Azad, Cora E, Denyo, DJ Friction, Eko Fresh, Falk Schacht, Fünf Sterne deluxe, Haftbefehl, Jaybo aka MONK, Joy Denalane, Markus Staiger, Marteria, Max Herre, Megaloh, Neffi Temur, Samy Deluxe, Specter&Spaiche, Stieber Twins, Thomas D. and Torch.
Hof, Kassel, Reeperbahnfestival Hamburg
Cast and Crew
  • Director Sékou Neblett
Production Company
Gifted Films West GmbH
Friesenplatz 1, 50672 Köln

Phone: +49 221 16853004

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