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Established by Wolfgang Bergmann, LICHTFILM is a production company with a track record for well-made, artistic documentaries. Our films depict purposefully direct encounters with people from all backgrounds: visionaries, victims and high-flyers, to name but a few. We present the protagonists as they really are, speaking out in their own idiom. We would not put words into their mouth or pay them to make statements. We do not make films for the self-aggrandisement of directors nor do we slavishly follow pre-ordained dramaturgy or bow to outside pressures. We are interested in delving deep, even into harsh reality.
Formerly our films were largely about historical subjects but now we focus more on visions of the future and how the present is predicated on the past.


Aquinostr. 15

50670 Köln | Germany

Phone: +49 221 9726517

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