With one's own eyes

a film by Miguel Müller-Frank

With one's own eyes

2020 | 108:00 min

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WITH ONE'S OWN EYES observes the daily work of the editors of the renowned German political TV magazine MONITOR which is known for its investigative, opinionative and often polarizing journalism since its first airing 55 years ago. The documentary focuses on the creation of one MONITOR program and follows the editors on their investigative research on right-wing extremists in connection with the murder of politician Walter Lübcke. Produced without television funds and solely funded by the Film- and Mediafund NRW, WITH ONE'S OWN EYES is the sixth full-length documentary by Miguel Müller-Frank.
NRW Film Award — FF Cologne 2020
42 FF Max Ophuels Preis 2021
Cast and Crew
  • Director Miguel Müller-Frank
  • Director of Photography Laura Hansen
  • Editor Miguel Müller-Frank, Ivan Morales jr.
  • Sound Moritz Minhöfer, Till A. von Reumont, Adrian Schwegler, Armin Badde
  • Sound Design Till Schaarschmidt
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Production Company
2Pilots Filmproduction
Eigelstein 78, 50668 Köln

Phone: +49 221 9130153

Fax: +49 221 9130155

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