a film by Roswitha Ziegler


Germany | 2010 | 92:00 min

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Ein Jahr im Leben eines Harzer Bauern dessen Hirten und seinen Verwandten aus dem Ort Wildemann.
Wilde(r)mann shows during one year the life of a very special farmer, Wolfgang Beuse and his sheppard, Helmut, both living in a small village Wildemann in the HARZ mountains.
The farmer is kind of radical and very clear explanating what’s
happening economical around him.
He explains his situation with admirable lucidity. We watch him,his cows, goats, dogs, all the animals and people round the farm, also the life of some friends and relatives, which are unemployed paupers.It's a dying region with high population decrease.
Young people leave the village to find work, only the old ones stay. At one hand the film shows how they try to keep their tradition, for instance during thanksgiving, they wear their traditional costumes and show their habits, their singing and yodelling, etc., the other hand is the problem to ‘survive’, and not to give up during this hard times of global crisis. To find a personal way of surviving by doing subsistence farming.
Trying to be independent and being in luck even the times are getting harder and harder.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Roswitha Ziegler (Wendländische Filmkooperative)
  • Director of Photography Gerhard Ziegler, Roswitha Ziegler (Wendländische Filmkooperative), Michel Unger
  • Editor Roswitha Ziegler (Wendländische Filmkooperative), Gerhard Ziegler, Christian Krämer
  • Sound Maik Freudenberg, Rosa Ziegler
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Production Company
Wendländische Filmkooperative
Dickfeitzen 13, 29496 Waddeweitz

Phone: +49 5849 1225

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