Voices of Violence

a film by Claudia Schmid

Voices of Violence

2016 | 90:00 min

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A film about the unimaginable violence against women in the DR Congo and about the political and social system that casts a blind eye on these atrocities.
Women are systematically exposed to the brutal practice of rape as a weapon of war. Claudia Schmid gives unknown women a voice and reveals the structures of violence in all their facets. She spent several months travelling through the DR Congo, meeting women in the most remote villages of the rebel territories and winning their trust. In the course of intense talks, the women disclose their traumatic experiences for the first time. In order to illustrate the very complexity of the structure underlying the violence, Claudia Schmid also asks family members about their perspectives and talks to them about their shame and the discrimination. Since sexual violence is a taboo topic, families hardly ever talk about their traumatic experiences. Claudia Schmid deeply immerses herself into the destructive forces by also asking Congolese men about their notion of rights and obligations of both sexes. The film condenses the stories of violence to a polyphonic fugue of different voices thereby determining the dramatic structure of the film.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Claudia Schmid
  • Producer Birgit Schulz
  • Director of Photography Claudia Schmid
  • Editor Kawe Vakil
  • Sound Bianka Schulze, Heike Frielingsdorf, Julia Hübner, Aidin Salkhi
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BILDERSTURM Filmproduktion GmbH
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Fax: +49 221 98860614

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