Transit Havana

a film by Daniel Abma

Transit Havana

The Netherlands, Germany | 2016 | 88:00 min

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88min. or 52min. | HD | DCP | Blu-ray | original Spanish version with English subtitles, German subtitles or voice over available
Once a year, two plastic surgeons from Europe fly to Havana to perform surgery on five Cuban transgender persons. The surgeons are invited by Mariela Castro, daughter of the president and head of the new state program for transgender care. Castro organizes this as a modern completion of the socialist revolution. The state helps transgender people with therapy, hormones, surgery and a new identity.
Is Cuba changing into a safe haven for trans people? For more than one year, filmmakers Daniel Abma and Alex Bakker follow the three main characters Odette, Juani and MalĂș and show how they deal with the reality of being transgender in Cuba. As new heroes of the revolution they still face religious intolerance, discrimination, sexism, poverty and often a life in prostitution.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Daniel Abma
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