by Thomas Landenberger


Germany | 2011 | 65:00 min

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Weltmeister-Trainer Conny Mittermeier aus Stuttgart
Conny Mittermeier, 48 years old, is a boxing trainer. Although he won the german middleweight championship title in his professional boxing career, he never achieved the biggest goals. Now Conny is a trainer and also experienced a lot of ups and downs of the boxing business. He dicovered new talents such as Vitali Tajbert and many more and taught the how to box. Conny is a man of his words but he got bitterly dissappointed.
'Sometimes I could cry' Conny says, when he thinks about, how his boxers were taken from him shortly before their great successes while other trainers carry of his laurels. Now he came back to his adoptive home Stuttgart to train a fresh young talent. Festim is only 18 years old and his biggest dreams is, to become a professional boxer. His family is from Kosovo and they live close to lake Konstanz. His parents, brothers and sisters all build on him. They work to finance him his boxing lessons. The film is a journey into the ups and downs oft he boxing business.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Thomas Landenberger
  • Director of Photography Maximilian Hoever
  • Editor Silvie Heermann
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Production Company
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH
Akademienhof 10, 71638 Ludwigsburg

Phone: +49 7141 9690

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