a film by Mechthild Gaßner


Germany | 2017 | 52:00 min

Original Title:
BERÜHRUNGEN – Sexualassistenten bei der Arbeit

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Nina, Edith and Ronald are sexual assistants. Their clients are people with disabilities, their job: to satisfy their desire for physical contact. Is this a form of prostitution? A study of a taboo subject.

“I’m no different to anyone else!” says Torsten in his wheelchair.”I also long for tenderness, intimacy
and sex.“ The sexual needs of the disabled are generally not recognised; in fact, we do not expect
disabled people to have such feelings. People like Nina, Edith and Ronald have a different approach.
They call themselves sexual assistants. ”Sexual companionship is a paid service“, says Nina de Vries, the pioneer of sexual assistance in Germany. So it is prostitution?! The film TOUCHING explores the longings and wishes of Christine and Torsten, but also shows the empathy and skills the sexual assistant need in order to engage with their clients. Their work is all about touching. Ever since Adam met Eve, touching has been the most basic form of reassurance that we are alive. That is why it is so important.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Mechthild Gaßner
  • Director of Photography Johann Feindt
  • Editor Anja Bombelli
  • Cutter assistant Claudia Trost
  • Sound Andrea Schmidt
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