a film by Dieter Reifarth


Germany | 2017 | 60:00 min

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“Torture is the most excruciating event, a human being can keep inside himself. But the like of it is retained in many human beings. Whoever has succumbed to torture can no longer feel at home in the world. There is no way of ‘suppressing’ it. Does one suppress a firemark? One may have it removed by a plastic surgeon, but the skin grafted to this spot is not the skin to feel comfortable with.” Jean Améry speaks in behalf of all those imprisoned life-long inside the silentness and the stupor of their traumata. The victims of then and now. “Under torture there are howls of pain. Maybe right now, in this very second.” ... With Améry’s voice reading his essential text a documentary film-essay devolps – between present age and museificated – retrospection, far from fictionalization.
Seal of Approval ‘highly recommended’
Cast and Crew
  • Director Dieter Reifarth (strandfilm)
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Production Company
strandfilm GmbH
Ederstr. 10, 60486 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: +49 69 97910314
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