The Teacher's Country

a film by Benjamin Leers

The Teacher's Country

Germany | 2014 | 70:00 min

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THE TEACHER’S COUNTRY is the story of a land 50 years after its independence. It is about Tanzania, a country, which was formed by the ideas  of the famous first president 'Mwalimu' Julius Nyerere. The film follows his youngest son on his way to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. On his climb, Madaraka Nyerere reminisces the struggle for independence which his father was deeply involved in. The film is also a story reflecting on the development of Tanzania over the past decades , told by people who seem ordinary at the first glance: One is single mother Bertha who lives in Dar es Salaam. She works all day to earn her living and hardly sees her daughter. Laurent Nestory is a teacher on Kome Island on Lake Victoria - an island without electricity or running water. The film also portrays Thomas Bilingi, a priest who is helping very pragmatically with the development of his area. By doing this, the film provides a genuine insight into the hopes and disappointments, the achievements, and problems of the protagonists in Tanzania on its 50th anniversary.
Afrikafilmfestival Leuven
Zanzibar International Film Festival
Arusha African Film Festival,
International Festival of Ethnographic Film Sofia
Max-Ophüls-Preis Filmfestival 2014
Cast and Crew
  • Director Benjamin Leers
  • Producer Benjamin Leers
  • Director of Photography Maurice Hüsni, Benjamin Leers
  • Editor Pablo Ben-Yakov
  • Sound Sascha Viehl
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