a film by Wolfgang Landgraeber


Germany | 2016 | 60:00 min

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How can people make a living over generations by producing weapons of destruction? To discover the answer, filmmaker Wolfgang Landgraeber visits the small town of Oberndorf, where 30 years ago, at the climax of the peace movement, he made the documentary FAR FROM THE WAR.
What has changed since then? He visits members of the peace movement from back then, unionists and priests, and questions workers of the armaments company Heckler & Koch whose rifles are internationally admired by soldiers and terrorists alike. Many people have lost their lives to Mauser and H&K weapons. According to armament opponents, the toll increases by one every fifteen minutes.
These are facts that most people working in the weapons industry do not care to accept. For them, the peace-keeping effects of armament production are of equal import. Oberndorf is finding itself pilloried.
The crisis has been aggravated by the fact that the G36 has proven to have accuracy problems and the Federal Defence Ministry has demanded the withdrawal from service of the Army's standard weapon, the production of which was already limited due to tightened export provisions.
THE OBERNDORF SYNDROM a film that targets a wall of repression and defiance.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Wolfgang Landgraeber
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Production Company
EIKON Südwest GmbH
Talstrasse 41, 70188 Stuttgart

Phone: +49 711 2483455
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