The Last of the Jolly Boys

a film by Hans-Erich Viet

The Last of the Jolly Boys

Germany | 2018 | 105:00 min

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Road movie with the 98 year old holocaust survivor Leon Schwarzbaum to the places of home and horror. Schwarzbaum, born in Hamburg 1921 travels with us to places of birth and childhood, to Bedzin/Poland and many times to Auschwitz, where all of his family where murdered.
We acompany him to the last SS trial in Detmold where former SS officer Reinhold Hanning (95) was sentenced to 5 years in prison. We acompany Leon Schwarzbaum to a German talkshow, visit a prison as well as school classes, where he tells his story. In the end he sings – as he did with his Polish/Jewish friends in the thirties, in Bedcin. A documentary film with one of the last survivors, tragic stories but also humorous, because of the personality of Mr Schwarzbaum the film honours a man who witnessed the greatest horror of all times.
Emden, Lünen, Wismar
awarded by the German Workers Federation DGB
Cast and Crew
  • Director Hans-Erich Viet
  • Producer Hans-Erich Viet
  • Director of Photography Nina Frey, Thomas Keller
  • Editor Nina Caspers
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