a film by Juan Sarmiento G.


Germany | 2010 | 77:00 min

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Human Rights Social Issue

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Drei Binnenvertriebene kämpfen gegen ihr Schicksal und versuchen ein neues Leben weit weg von ihrem Zuhause aufzubauen.
"The Land Left Behind" tells of the fate that befalls three people who have ended up in the Moloch that is the Colombian city of Bogotá. On a daily basis, Solangel, Ruben and Teodoro walk about through the chaos of dirt, noise and crowds. There’s always a challenge: they have to find money, food and work for themselves and their families to survive. A few months back they had a small piece of land, work and family and friends
around them. As a result of brutal violence and threats, they were forced to leave their home. The yearning for the countryside, and the desire to return there, is something that the three fundamentally have in common. Like daydreams, images of vast landscapes appear to them time and again in their daily lives: vast rivers, green forests, the endless sky and the sea. The peace and freedom of the countryside is in great contrast to life in the loud and oppressive city in which Solangel, Ruben and Teodoro must live at the moment.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Juan Sarmiento G.
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