The Forum

a film by Marcus Vetter

The Forum

Germany, Switzerland | 2019 | 118:00 min

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original German, English, Spanish, Chinese, Indonesian, Twi, Vietnamese, French, Swedish version with English subtitles (Closed Captioned)

Starts in German Cinemas November 7, 2019
Every year, leading figures from international politics, business and academia gather in Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. For the forum’s 81-year-old founder Klaus Schwab, it’s all about improving the world through dialogue. But how are you going to challenge the status quo if you keep on inviting exclusively establishment figures?
Marcus Vetter was the first filmmaker to be granted behind-the-scenes access. The impressive procession of princes, presidents and other guests—predominantly male and all fluent in English—confirms our preconceptions about this private initiative being an opportunity for the super-rich to hang out together and make business deals, while masquerading as do-gooders. But there’s also the occasional critical voice. Dutch journalist Rutger Bregman raises the subject of tax avoidance in front of an audience packed with company heads. And during an informal gathering, Jennifer Morgan, CEO of Greenpeace International, goes up to her new arch enemy, President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil.
And when 16-year-old climate change activist Greta Thunberg shows up, it starts looking like Schwab really is doing his best to drag the forum into a new era. The question remains: What is dialogue without action? (IDFA)

“Vetter strikes an admirable balance between more serious diplomatic moments and quirkier interactions”
Amber Wilkinson (Screendaily)
LOLA@Berlinale — Shortlisted for DEUTSCHER FILMPREIS DOKUMENTARFILM [German FilmAward]
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DOK.Leipzig - opening screening
IDFA - Frontlight
Cast and Crew
  • Director Marcus Vetter
  • Producer Christian Beetz, Karin Koch, Georg Zengerling
  • Screenwriter Christian Beetz
  • Editor Marcus Vetter, Andre Nier, Ana Fernandez Rocha
  • Sound Marcus Vetter
  • Score Marcel Vaid
Production Company
Gebrüder Beetz Media GmbH
Heinrich Roller Strasse 15, 10405 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 69566910

Phone: +49 40 76973070
Co-Production Company
Filmperspektive GmbH
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