The Fight About Coal

a film by Johanna Jaurich

The Fight About Coal

Germany | 2018 | 29:29 min

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THE FIGHT ABOUT COAL has become a matter of personal concern for three young people, but on completely different sides. Philipp, a young engineer at RWE, has found his dream job in open pit mining. Ruth, a young environmental activist from Leipzig, is committed both professionally and privately to an immediate exit from coal. Anja, a young woman from Spremberg, has always lived from and with coal. 
The film describes how the debate about coal withdrawal affects personal life and in this way interlocks politics and private life. How do Philipp and his colleagues experience the climate protests in their opencast mine? How does Ruth explain to her younger siblings that she is willing to accept health and legal risks for her commitment? How does Anja deal with the fact that her future is built on a shaky and dangerous foundation?
Cast and Crew
  • Director Johanna Jaurich
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fechnerMEDIA GmbH
Liptinger Str. 25, 78194 Tuttlingen

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