a film by Florian Baron


Germany | 2018 | 83:00 min

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In their voice-overs, five young Afghanistan war veterans from Pittsburgh first establish familiar foundations: The trauma of 9/11, the ideology of violent retribution, military service as a patriotic family tradition, the 'unfairness' of todaymins warfare. They are slow to show us their faces. Physically unharmed but full of inner pain they have become the misunderstood upon their return.(new docs world sales)

Jury Statement DEFA Sponsoring Prize for an outstanding long German documentary film, DOK Leipzig
War, says the writer Martin Kessel, has a long arm. Long after it has ended, it still fetches its own victims. In the film they are called Joe and Torrie, Mike, James and Justin. They have returned home from Afghanistan. Externally unscathed. Internally, full of wounds. Stressed, they report about the experiences, their traumas. The permanent tension that will not go away. At home, too, in supposedly peaceful surroundings, body and spirit remain in a state of war. Camera and sound accompany their stories with images from their everyday lives. The common Pennsylvania, women, parents, children. A decelerated presence, in which the troubled soul still does not find peace.
22 veterans kill themselves in the US every day. One of the film’s protagonists is also among them. War has a long arm. Long after the people involved in it and have returned home it fetches its victims.

Jury statement German Documentary Film Music Award
The special way in which Jana Irmert combines composition and film not only reflects the destructive tension and the permanent psychological state of alarm of the severely traumatised young war veterans, but also creates an important space for the sound of the words that characterises the content, thus creating an echo chamber for the audience's thoughts and feelings. In her soundtrack to STRESS, the composer dissolves the boundaries between sound design and musical composition in a virtuoso and at the same time self-evident way, thus creating a sound cosmos that, through uncompromising reduction, generates brutal knowledge."
DEFA Sponsoring award, DOK Leipzig
Kassel Dokfest

German Documentary Film Music Award for Jana Irmert
Cast and Crew
  • Director Florian Baron
  • Producer Florian Baron, Herbert Burkert
  • Director of Photography Johannes Waltermann
  • Editor Clemens Walter
  • Sound Nils Vogel-Bartling, Linus Nickl, Jana Irmert
  • Score Jana Irmert, Yunas Orchestra, Fatima Camara
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