a film by Constantin Hatz


Germany | 2018 | 95:00 min

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The regulars’ table is a place for passions, desires, fears and political discourse. A place where you can spend your free time and a place that offers people space for the imagination of their own happiness. The film focuses on people who meet up on a regular basis and for whom these regular get-togethers have a special meaning. What connects these people is not only their desire for a cold beer or a conversation, but rather a fervent passion they share with one another. Whether in a clubhouse, a hunting lodge or a living room – deep passions dwell at these meeting places and intense connections develop between the people who come together there.
The film portrays stories about animals, physicality, the lust for suffering, guns, politics, traditions and all kinds of spooky things. Like a mosaic’s tesserae, the regular meeting places are all different. But not until one observes the finished mosaic image one recognizes the self-contained world within.(FF Hof)
52nd Film Festival Hof, nominated for the documentary awards GRANIT
24th Filmschau Baden-Württemberg – Best Documentary
Cast and Crew
  • Director Constantin Hatz
  • Producer Martin Schwimmer, Dominik Utz
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Production Company
Buchenweg 16, 82223 Eichenau
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