• Soy libre - I am free

    Soy libre - I am free

Soy libre - I am free

by Andrea Roggon

Soy libre - I am free

Germany | 2010 | 87:00 min

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Faces, sounds and voices from Havana. Off-screen and with complete honesty, Cubans tell us about their idea of freedom. "It is a lie I have repeated so often, I have started to believe it: I am free." They are very well aware of the restrictions placed on them as human beings: "I can do whatever I want, but only within a clearly defined context, place and time." Public enemy number one is Yoani Sánchez, a female blogger who exposes the nature of the system in her articles. Her aim with her blog, Generación Y, is to overcome her apathy and silence. "Freedom is the freedom to scream in public that you are not free," she says. Many desperate Cubans have braved the hazardous crossing to the United States. But in the words of poet Konstantinos P. Kavafis you will always be walking the streets of Havana wherever you go - you can't shake off the past.

Tag des Dokumentarfilms // 11.10.2010

Duisburger Filmwoche // 6.11.2010

IDFA - International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam // 18.11.2010

Florenz Festival für Dokumentarfilm - Festival dei popoli // 19.11.2010

Max-Ophüls-Festival Saarbrücken // 19.1.2011

Cine Latino Filmfestival Stuttgart/Tübingen // 16.4.2011

Distrital Mexico // 1.6.2011

Festival des deutschen Films // 16.6.2011

Euganea Filmfestival - Euganea Movie Movement // 1.7.2011

Golden Apricot Filmfestival // 10.7.2011

Vancouver Latin American Filmfestival // 1.9.2011

Document 9 - International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Glasgow // 20.10.2011

Argentinische Filmtage // 29.9.2011

FLAHERTIANA - International Documentary Film Festival // 11.10.2011

OMNI Festival mundial poesia sin fin, Cuba // 10.12.2011

Freunde der Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Cast and Crew
  • Director Andrea Roggon
  • Producer Andrea Roggon, Hagen Schönherr, Daniellis Hernandez
  • Director of Photography Petra Lisson, Hagen Schönherr
  • Editor Julia Böhm, Andrea Roggon
  • Sound Eduardo Cáceres Staackmann
  • Compositing Holger Hummel
  • Sound Design Bastuts Trump, Eduardo Cáceres Staackmann
  • Score Oliver Frick, Mirella Kern, Thorsten Puttenat, Niko Lazarakopoulos, Clangoin
  • Other Hagen Schönherr (Steadicam), Roland Matusek (Titeldesign/Artwork)
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Co-Production Company
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH
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