Scala Adieu

Von Windeln verweht

a film by Douglas Wolfsperger

Scala Adieu

Germany | 2018 | 80:00 min

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Society Conflicts Arts

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In Lake Constance, the fifth store of Europe’s biggest pharmacy chain opened in 2017. Even more nappies and toothpaste for the tourist shoppers of Switzerland. Until 2016, the accommodation used to be residence of the Scala Filmpalast. When Douglas Wolfsperger arrives, the protests are still in full swing – it's the last rebellion of a dying cinema. He talks to movie enthusiasts and bureaucratic local councilmen.Town centres and the meaning of culture is changing. But who are the wirepullers?
Best Documentary - 40 Biberacher Filmfestspiele
52nd Film Festival Hof
Cast and Crew
  • Director Douglas Wolfsperger
  • Producer Douglas Wolfsperger
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