RUSSIA’S HORSES - series in five parts

a film by Thorolf Lipp, Anastasia Vinokurova

RUSSIA’S HORSES - series in five parts

2017 | 260:00 min

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Documentary Series
In Russia ’s Horses we travel to both Russia’s heartland as well as to the more remote regions of this vast country. We meet fascinating horsemen and observe them in their daily lives in order to get an insight into an often centuries-old history linking them to their beloved animals. According to a Russian proverb, people are reflected in their horses. But what does this really mean? Russian horses are definitely not like their Western European counterparts.
Despite their inconspicuous appearance, they are tough and hardy, docile and undemanding, not to mention incredibly motivated. Is this also true of the Russian peoples? What do we know about the Cossacks, the Yakuts of the taiga or the Tuvans of the Altai Mountains, for instance?
Through our interest in their animals, we will meet a wide variety of protagonists. We will take a look at the latest developments in sport horse breeding, as well as the often centuries-old symbiosis of man and beast in Russia’s South and East.

5x43min or 5x52min or 10x26min | XDCAM 1920x1080 | German or English version
Cast and Crew
  • Director Thorolf Lipp (Arcadia Filmproduktion), Anastasia Vinokurova
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