Phenomenon Blade Runner

a film by Boris Hars-Tschachotin

Phenomenon Blade Runner

2020 | 52:00 min

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Society Arts

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The documentary phenomenon Blade Runner explores the question of what has become of Ridley Scott's dystopia of total surveillance, climate catastrophe, the enslavement of humans by technology, dominance of mega-corporations from 1982, which is set in Los Angeles in 2019. Scott's cult film is still an important reference point for countless SciFi films in the following decades. How and why did "Blade Runner" achieve this cult status? At the same time, this masterpiece creates many references to controversial topics of our time and holds up a mirror to our reality. The film encounters these current issues in today's Los Angeles.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Boris Hars-Tschachotin
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Medea Film Factory GmbH
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