• No Longer Our Homeland

    No Longer Our Homeland


No Longer Our Homeland

a film by Kristof Gerega

No Longer Our Homeland

Germany | 2016 | 90:00 min

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92min version: English voiceover & subtitles; German voiceover & subtitles
52min version: Polish voiceover & subtitles; German voiceover & subtitles or English voiceover & subtitles
In the beginning there are human beings. Human beings living together in harmony. Little quarrels here and there of course, but they are ordinary and they don't result from the abyss that is opened up by the separation into groups with different origin. The documentary 'No Longer Our Homeland' impressively demonstrates the absurd course that things can take when the so called national consciousness awakes and a constructed and at the same time uncontrollable hatred destroys the hitherto peaceful life of a community forever. The war declares human beings as enemies, who have always regarded themselves as neighbors and friends. Kristof Gerega discovered a for present times alarmingly exemplary (hi-)story, which ascends from his own roots and is not based on any underlying truth. When the grandmother of the filmmaker dies, questions come up. Questions that won't let go of him.

Sao Paulo International Film Festival Mostra 2016
"Rebellious. Steadfast. Outcasts". Gdynia, Poland 2017
Cast and Crew
  • Director Kristof Gerega
  • Producer Kristof Gerega (Schuldenberg Films)
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