a film by Dietmar Ratsch, Agostino Imondi


Germany | 2010 | 96:00 min

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The siblings Hassan, Lial and Maradona are successful musicians and breakdancers who have lived in Berlin's notorious district Neukoelln since their earliest childhood. They grew up with HipHop and streetdance, that is their language and their passion.
Their family of Lebanese origin lives in constant danger of being deported from Germany. In order to secure a residency permit for the entire family, Hassan and Lial plan to use their artistic talents to financially support the family. But the pressure has put a strain on the two teenagers and a rivalry arises about who should be the family's main breadwinner. In the meantime, Maradona gets himself into more and more trouble, and is suspended from school. He is at the crossroads between his siblings' ambitious lifestyle and the street life of his mates. However, a surprising qualification for a TV-casting show could prove to be his turning point. If he wins the 100,000 euro prize money, he might be the one who saves the family.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Dietmar Ratsch, Agostino Imondi
  • Producer Sonia Otto
  • Director of Photography Dietmar Ratsch
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Production Company
Talstra├če 41, 70188 Stuttgart

Phone: +49 30 61287852

Phone: +49 711 99797766
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