• My Life: Siri Hustvedt

    My Life: Siri Hustvedt

My Life: Siri Hustvedt

by Nicola Graef

My Life: Siri Hustvedt

Germany | 2009 | 45:00 min

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Siri Hustvedt is one of the most important contemporary authors (What I loved, The shaking woman). She received attention initially in 1993 for her first novel, The Invisible Woman. Step by step, Hustvedt has carved out a place for herself in the literary world as an author with a special feeling for the poetic, an almost tender concern for her protagonists, an exceptional capacity to strike nuanced tones, and most of all a sensitive perspective on all human spiritual states. Siri Hustvedt provides in the film MY LIFE unique intimate moments. She talks openly about her childhood, her upbringing with her three sisters and the everyday life as an author. She talks about the love and work with her husband Paul Auster, her daughter Sophie in their home in Brooklyn and her close friend Salman Rushdie. The film focuses with her on her major source of work, New York City and town of birth Northfield in Minnesota, where she meets up with her mother and sisters.
International Filmfestival of Fine Arts, Szolnok – Ungarn
Cast and Crew
  • Director Nicola Graef
  • Screenwriter Nicola Graef
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