My Father the Spy

a film by Gints Grube, Jaak Kilmi

My Father the Spy

Germany | 2018 | 90:00 min

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As a young Soviet student in 1978, Ieva could not have predicted that a holiday visit to her father, Imants Lešinskis, then working in the Soviet mission at the UN in New York, would irreversibly split her life in two. Entangled in a dark spy game, she is forced to leave her former life behind, never to see her mother or her homeland of Latvia again. Pulling back the curtain on the shady behind-the-scenes world of the Cold War, this film tells a daughter’s dramatic story of her double-agent father, exploring their relationship against the backdrop of events which have their roots over four decades ago.
In order to find herself and understand the game she was part of, Ieva sets out on a journey to the past, confronting family secrets, lies and betrayal.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Gints Grube, Jaak Kilmi
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Production Company
Kick Film GmbH
Mannhardtstr. 6, 80538 München

Phone: +49 89 7471030

Phone: +49 89 74710366
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