My Brother is a Dancer

a film by Felicitas Sonvilla

My Brother is a Dancer

Germany, Austria | 2019 | 61:00 min

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Directress Felicitas tries to save the damaged relationship with her younger brother Silvius. Together with their friend and camera woman Nina they leave for a road trip through Europe, visiting the places of their fragmented childhood. During the shooting Silvius is in charge of composing the music for the film, but doesn't cope with Felicitas the way she wants him to. He constantly tries to withdraw himself from the shooting of the film, trying to provoke his older sister by interfering with her plans. Between car breakdowns, fights in parks and rare moments of intimacy, MY BROTHER IS A DACER depicts a portrait of two siblings don't want to understand that they need each other.
40 Fim Festival Max Ophüls Preis, Saarbrücken
Crossing Europe, Linz
Cast and Crew
  • Director Felicitas Sonvilla
  • Producer Thomas Herberth
  • Director of Photography Nina Wesemann
  • Editor Sebastian Schreiner
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