a film by Martin Saxer, Daler Kaziev, Marlen Elders


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A generation ago, Murghab was well taken care of. The highest town of the former Soviet Union and close to the sensitive borders with Afghanistan and China, it enjoyed ample provisions from Moscow. It had electricity, an airport, a movie theater, and a hospital with central heating. Since then, Murghab has weathered many storms. Yet, life goes on. The ruins of Socialism afford a plethora of new but precarious ways to make do. Murghab follows a group of men harvesting shrubs, a nurse, a history teacher and a welder building stoves from the scraps of Soviet modernity. A winter film of hardship, work and hope. (catalogue Locarno)

Yrysbek Turdiev, Abdilda Osmonov, Kanymbyby Tagaikulova, Rasul Mamaseitov, Mayrambai Tashtanov, Aisalkyn Alieva, Hushnazar Oshurov, and others
DOK.fest Munich
Semaine de la Critique — Locarno FF
EthnoKino Bern
Autrans International Mountain FF

Silk Road IFF Dublin
BIG SKY Documentary FF Missoula, Montana
Highland Asia Research Group
Cast and Crew
  • Director Martin Saxer, Daler Kaziev, Marlen Elders
  • Producer Marlen Elders, Martin Saxer, Daler Kaziev
  • Director of Photography Martin Saxer, Daler Kaziev (additional camera)
  • Sound Marlen Elders
  • Score Moritz Kunkel
Production Company
LMU München
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