a film by Michael Radford


Germany | 2011 | 90:00 min

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His life would be short – this he knew. So he lived it at double
intensity: Jazz pianist Michel Petrucciani. His music was of timeless
magic and seemed to come directly from his soul.
This is the story of a startling and original man by the nature of
both, his physical condition and his outstanding musical talent.
Born with glass bone disease, and standing three feet tall as an adult, he overcame extraordinary obstacles to become an internationally acclaimed Jazz artist. Giving his first professional concert at the age of 13, he rapidly ascended to the heights, playing alongside some of the world's finest
Jazzmen. During his lifetime Michel Petrucciani sold over 1.5 million albums worldwide and gave hundreds of concerts, appearing in major cities across the globe.
Through a wealth of interviews - with family members, Charles Lloyd, Aldo Romano and Roger Willemsen – and riveting archive material, Michael Radford (‘Il Postino’) portrays a man driven by an insatiable and all-consuming hunger for life and all it has to offer – travel, women, art.

original English/French version with German subtitles or German voice-over available
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  • Director Michael Radford
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