Metal Politics Taiwan

a film by Marco Wilms

Metal Politics Taiwan

Germany | 2018 | 88:00 min

Original Title:
Taiwan: Mit Heavy Metal ins Parlament

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88min or 52min, English, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese or German version available
From rock star to politician: Freddy Lim is Taiwan's most political heavy metal singer, progressing from passionate stage performer to active member of parliament. We follow him during the early days of his political career and show him campaigning tirelessly for a democratic Taiwan.

Shaking his long hair and yelling hoarsely into the microphone, Freddy Lim from Taiwan is in his element performing on stage as the lead singer of his heavy metal band. But he’s no less passionate about his political career. In 2015, he founded the New Power Party and just one year later was appointed representative of foreign affairs and national defence in Taiwan’s parliament. What happens when the heavy metal hero of the oppressed people hangs up his stage gear and slips into a made-to-measure politician’s suit? When he switches from tour bus to chauffeur-driven limousine? Or descends from the heady heights of rock stardom to lowly day-to-day politics? We spend a year accompanying the political newcomer as he struggles to find a new identity for a democratic Taiwan. Freddy finds inspiration in his idol, the Dalai Lama, and despite China’s protests, travels to the US for Donald Trump’s inauguration. Will he achieve his goal? Declared by China as a province, Taiwan is recognised by few countries as an independent state. Members of the Sunflower youth movement have managed to become members of Taiwan’s government and for the first time in the country’s history, the opposition is now the ruling party with a female president who fought her election campaign side by side with the voice of youth, Freddy Lim.
Audience Awards - Urban Nomad Filmfestival Taipei, Taiwan

Warsaw Film Festival, Poland
Filmschau Baden-Württemberg, Germany - Competition
EBS International Documentary Festival, Korea
Cast and Crew
  • Director Marco Wilms
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