a film by Marc Burth, Marc Burth


Germany | Switzerland | 2010 | 52:00 min

Original Title:
Welcher Glaube für mein Kind?

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After becoming a father, Marc Burth has a problem: Two children and no fitting religion for them. His father is Protestant, his mother is Jewish, and his sister a shaman. His wife's dad is a Moslem; her mother, Catholic. Making the right choice for his children in this intersection of religions is a diffi- cult job for the confused filmmaker! Searching for answers, Marc Burth meets people that have a relationship with God and some that consciously don’t. He talks to atheists, shamans, Jesuits, Jews, Moslems, heathens and many more. He wants to know if God exists and why religion should be important to his children. The film is a playful, crazy, slightly neurotic approach to the question many people find a hard nut to crack and humanity will always search answers for:
Does God exist? And if yes, how many gods are there?
Cast and Crew
  • Director Marc Burth, Marc Burth
  • Screenwriter Marc Burth, Marc Burth
  • Director of Photography Frank Griebe, Frank Griebe
  • Line producer Kathrin Isberner, Kathrin Isberner
  • Associate producer Nick Pastucha, Nick Pastucha
  • 1. Assistant of the director of photography Dan Burrus, Olivier Kolb, Dan Burrus, Olivier Kolb
  • Editor Christof Schilling, Christof Schilling
  • Compositing Jörg Höhne, Jörg Höhne
  • Score Nils Kacirek, Orna Ralston, Nils Kacirek, Orna Ralston
  • Digital Colorist Tobias Schaarschmidt, Tobias Schaarschmidt
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Production Company
Gebrüder Beetz Media GmbH
Heinrich Roller Strasse 15, 10405 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 69566910

Phone: +49 40 76973070

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