• Little Alien

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Little Alien

a film by Nina Kusturica

Little Alien

Austria | 2009

Teenagers Juma and Hishame attempt an extremely dangerous journey to Europe, hiding in the chassis of a truck, where they will become the prey of border officers. Ahmed, Nura, Achmad and Asha haver managed to get over the fences.
After arriving in Austria, they try to reorder their lives and fight for their rights to a more or less trouble-free youth. Jawid and Alem have already spent a year and a half in Vienna, hoping their asylum applications will be approved.

The trauma of loss, the longing for their families, the prospect of a completely uncertain future, the meaning (and sense) of laws and odysseys past the government officials and agencies they must deal with characterize their new beginnings.
Although their lives are determined primarily by laws, many of which are inhumane, they take it all with a great deal of humor and have developed their own strategies for dealing with the situation.

They spend their youths living life to the fullest, they’re loud, in-your-face and in love, young people who are trying to conquer life for themselves.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Nina Kusturica
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