• KIDNAPPED AND SOLD - China's Stolen Children

    KIDNAPPED AND SOLD - China's Stolen Children

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KIDNAPPED AND SOLD - China's Stolen Children

a film by Edgar Wolf

KIDNAPPED AND SOLD - China's Stolen Children

Germany | 2012 | 45:00 min

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To rob and sell children is a rewarding business in China: Over 20,000 children a year are being kidnapped and become crime victims. Most of the time the parents are just uninfluential peasants or migrant workers, investigations by the police are dragging on - if ever undertaken.
It is the same with Wanping. Since two years her parents are looking for the five year old child. We accompany them with the camera. Dai was ten years old, when she was kidnapped in 1989. She was not allowed to go to school anymore, instead she had to toil on the fields of her 'purchasing' parents. Alike the children the bodily parents suffer, says Baoyan Zhang of the Chinese help organisation 'Baby Come Home'. Many parents have psychological problems, some commit suicide, in other cases marriages shatter. Some are already seeking for more than 20 years. Zhang managed to retrace Dai’s trails. We accompany Dai when she clasps her parents in her arms after 22 years. And Dai’s 'purchasing parents' explain, why they paid much money for the girl.
An investigative film about human trafficking.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Edgar Wolf
  • Editor Lars Billert
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Lippmannstr. 53, 22769 Hamburg

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