a film by Cyril Tuschi


Germany | 2011 | 111:00 min

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A documentary on the transformation of Mikhail Khodorkovsky - from a perfect socialist to a perfect capitalist and finally, in a Siberian prison, becoming a perfect martyr. Khodorkovsky - the richest Russian, challenges President Putin. A fight of the titans begins. Putin warns him. But Khodorkovsky comes back to Russia - knowing that he will be imprisoned, once he returns. When I heard about all that, I asked myself: why didn't Khodorkovsky stay in Exile with a couple of billions? Why did he come back? Why did he do that? A personal journey to Khodorkovsky.
KHODORKOVSKY - a story about how Russia's richest man became Russia's most famous prisoner. Opinions on Khodorkovsky differ in Russia considerably. Everyone in the country has something to say about him. Khodorkovsky's career has been one full of drama and the sudden depths to which he has fallen are more reminiscent of the fate of a Shakespearian character. KHODORKOVSKY - intends to
take a glimpse behind the mask of the charismatic phantom Mikhail Khodorkovsky, beyond his demonisation through Putin's propaganda and beyond his idealisation as a pure victim. The audience should be able to create an own picture - a picture of Russia in the third millennium - which might also help to build a bridge of understanding between the new Russia and the rest of the world…

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  • Director Cyril Tuschi
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