• Kazuo Ohno - I dance into the light

    Kazuo Ohno - I dance into the light

Kazuo Ohno - I dance into the light

a film by Peter Sempel

Kazuo Ohno - I dance into the light

Germany | 2004 | 59:00 min

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Biography / Portrait Arts

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Kazuo Ohno is a documentary about the 97year-old dancer Kazuo Ohno, the founder and living legend of the Butoh-dance. He still gives dancing-lessons at his studio in Yokohama. "Butoh" is the "step in the dark", inspired by the German Expressionist Dance. There are two other main characters beside Kazuo: Yoshito Ohno, his son who dances with him, speaks for him and organizes his belongings, a very big support. And as well Tanya Khabarowa, as a wonderful contrast, a young Russian Butohdancer from St. Petersburg, who has won several international prices with her dancing group "Derevo"in the last years.
Kazuo: „I´m an old horse with young heart.“
Cast and Crew
  • Director Peter Sempel (SUNMUSICFILM.COM)
  • Producer Peter Stockhaus, Peter Sempel (SUNMUSICFILM.COM)
  • Director of Photography Peter Sempel (SUNMUSICFILM.COM), Jonas Scholz Bvk, Norimichi Kasamuto, Patrick von Schuckmann
  • Narrator Anne Moll
  • Editor Margot Neubert-Maric
  • Sound Roxana Schulz
  • Compositing Christofer Weische
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Co-Production Company
Peter Sempel | Sunmusicfilm
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