Karuna Grand Show

a film by Sebastian Hirt, Wolfram Seipp

Karuna Grand Show

2015 | 75:00 min

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55min or 75min English or German version
Khube Rinpoche, a former highly ranked  monk is the founder of the Tibetan home for disabled called 'Karuna Home' in South India. To honor Karuna's 10 year jubilee, Khube Rinpoche takes up a big plan with his fosterlings: A show, touring through Tibetan settlements all over India, 
together with the support of nine Tibetan popstars who themselves are living in exile. Some of them have gone through taking refuge by trekking through the Himalaya to the North of India when they were children and have ever since been prohibited from seeing their families in Tibet again. 
The show is composed of dancing and singing performances and has two messages: Look at what disabled people are capable of! And: Preserve the Tibetan culture and don't lose the hope of a returning to Tibet one day!
The enthusiasm of the audience is justified: Even after 50 years of exile, it is still palpable that the Tibetan matter is current and vital. During the 3 week journey all kinds of disparities between the group, whether one is disabled or not, a caretaker or a popstar, disappeared. The diverse group became a family that is awaiting the highlight of their long journey:  An audience at his holiness the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, North India.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Sebastian Hirt, Wolfram Seipp
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