• Kalaallit Nunaat – Greenland by Ship

  • Kalaallit Nunaat – Greenland by Ship

Kalaallit Nunaat – Greenland by Ship

by Reinhard Kungel

Kalaallit Nunaat – Greenland by Ship

Germany | 2009 | 60:00 min

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also available in an adapted version for children with the title:
Captain Morten Hansen is sailing the 3rd time from Bremerhaven to Greenland but this time he will go further north than ever before. The captain wants to lead his passengers up to Ilulissat Icefjord, the most productive glacier in the northern hemisphere. Every day the Kangia-glacier edges around 40 meters of ice into the fjord. But first of all they have to cross the Atlantic ocean, a pretty stormy sea and therefore Morten Hansen has to fight against 10-meter-waves. In Greenland there is time to visit nice spots and interesting people in Sisimiut, Quasigianguit, Quaqortoq, Aasiat and Nuuk. The foreign minister Aleqa Hammond is talking about challenges: global warming will change everything in Greenland. The Icebergs are melting away, even in the celebrated Ilulissat Icefjord.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Reinhard Kungel
  • Screenwriter Reinhard Kungel
  • Director of Photography Reinhard Kungel
  • Editor Reinhard Kungel
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Production Company
rk-film | Reinhard Kungel
Matthias-Bauer-Ring 36, 82069 Hohenschäftlarn

Phone: +49 8178 95195

Fax: +49 8178 95197

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