JOMI’s Sphere of Action

a film by Sebastian Voltmer

JOMI’s Sphere of Action

Germany | 2018 | 105:00 min

Original Title:
JOMI – lautlos, aber nicht sprachlos

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Not only Michael Jackson, the legendary King of Pop, improved his fascinating "Moonwalk" with Marcel Marceau, the famous French mime. Also “JOMI”, one of the current internationally most famous artists with a typical body language, learned his trade from him.
Josef Michael Kreutzer (JOMI) is deaf since earliest childhood. During his life, he became a famous mime under his mentor in Paris and he traveled the whole world. But after a tour of Russia, he is financially exhausted. He is cheated by a manager from Moscow about the income from his performances and workshops. His longtime technician and organizer Bruce must be dismissed. It becomes clear that JOMI must continue to work harder – so he tries to make a fresh start at the age of 65. The film was designed to be easily understood by deaf and blind people without disturbing the narrative flow. The well-known sign language interpreter Isabelle Ridder interprets the spoken content of the film for the hearing impaired in German Sign Language.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Sebastian Voltmer
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