Iran in our Hearts

series in five parts

a film by Katrin Sandmann

Iran in our Hearts

2016 | 150:00 min

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Documentary Series
Two Iranian women set off on a unique journey to their home country. Their mission: to show the world Iran through personal encounters, without the usual clichés and prejudices. Elnaz Sadoghi from Berlin and Sarah Doraghi from Paris spend five weeks travelling through the Islamic Republic with its magnificent palaces, mosques and parks. They meet old friends and relatives, make new acquaintances.
And they present us with a unique and very personal view of their country. In light of the historical nuclear deal and other changes that have occurred since Hassan Rohani’s election as president, a fresh new perspective is urgently needed. Under Ayatollah Khomeini, reviled by the USA as the ’great Satan‘, Iran was cut off from the international community for over thirty years. The USA considered it the ’axis of evil‘. As a result, the country’s breathtaking natural beauty, its unparalleled cultural heritage and, above all, the cosmopolitan outlook of its people have been largely forgotten. Sarah and Elnaz return home and travel to places they have missed the most. They immerse themselves in Iranian society. A fascinating portrait of a previously unfamiliar country.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Katrin Sandmann
World Sales Company
Dasselstr. 75-77, 50674 Köln

Phone: +49 221 16819743
Production Company
Kobalt Documentary GmbH
Torstr. 105-107, 10119 Berlin

Phone: +49 030 24089625
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