a film by Klaus Stern


Germany | 2011 | 80:00 min

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Incentive? Doesn’t that ring a bell? Oh yes, the Hamburg-Mannheimer insurance company and the white ribbons around the wrists of the ladies reserved for the top management in the Budapest open air brothel. Just another media event with lots of hot air, because the public learned next to nothing about the practices of insurance companies. If you want to know what kind of mentality motivates their representatives and what the role of incentives is, you must take the trouble to look more closely, like the director of “Insurance Man”. In this respect a businessman like Mehmet Göker is a stroke of luck: migration background, successful businessman and an obsessive dazzler of messianic proportions who manages his company like a sect. What’s on display here is the working life of a salesmen’s sect programmed to succeed and yet devouring itself at the end. But the film is more than just the portrait of a greedy climber who falls for his own image. We also learn something about the health business. We hear that every reform of the health system brings bigger profits for the private insurance companies. And since life is a cake and Mehmet Göker wants a big piece, he sends out his modern doorstep brigades and the insurance companies reward him with millions. Which is why monthly premiums have to rise, we’re so sorry. No more questions. Matthias Heeder / DOK Leipzig
DOK Leipzig
Kassel Dokfest
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  • Director Klaus Stern
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