in Limbo

a film by Miguel Müller-Frank

in Limbo

2015 | 71:00 min

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Kilian (24) and Thomas (26) are successful poker players and part of a clique of young German players who have met over the years during various poker events. They travel to
tournaments together, share the stakes, are friends and 'business partners'. They hardly have time to reflect upon their lives as there is always the next tournament, the next poker session coming up. Alternating between live and online poker they are in limbo between the daily ups and downs of the game, between winning and losing. The film is an unusual portrait of the two players taking the audience into a kind of parallel world in which victory and defeat go hand in hand.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Miguel Müller-Frank
  • Director of Photography Driss Azhari
  • Editor Nicole Schmeier
  • Sound Shinya Kitamura
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