I am Anastasia

a film by Thomas Ladenburger

I am Anastasia

Germany | 2018 | 95:00 min

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95min or 52min original English/German version with English subtitles available, others on request
This is the story of Anastasia Biefang, lieutenant colonel in the German military, who was assigned male at birth. At the height of her career she decides to finally come out as transgender. Much to her surprise, she does not face any negative consequences in her career in the military. After her transition she becomes the first female commander in the history of the German military, leading a German armed forces´ battalion for cyber- and information domain service. The film follows her male to female transition and observes her taking over duties as a commander. Anastasia is not the only one transitioning- her battalion must also face up to changes in their mentality.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Thomas Ladenburger
  • Producer Thomas Ladenburger
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