• HARLAN: In the Shadow of The Jew Süß

    HARLAN: In the Shadow of The Jew Süß

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HARLAN: In the Shadow of The Jew Süß

a film by Felix Moeller

HARLAN: In the Shadow of The Jew Süß

Germany | 2008 | 100:00 min

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Veit Harlan was Nazi Germany’s most successful film director. A hundred million spectators saw his films all over Europe, including the perfidious anti-Semitic Propaganda film “Jew Süss”. The documentary presents the first biography of Veit Harlan and shows how his family - including the youngest generation of Harlans - struggles until today with the dark myth of artistic immorality.

with:Thomas Harlan, Maria Körber, Caspar Harlan, Kristian Harlan, Christiane Kubrick, Jan Harlan, Jessica Jacoby, Alice Harlan, Chester Harlan, Nele Harlan, Lotte Harlan, Lena Harlan a.o.

press voices:
„Largely interesting and thought provoking. (…) What motivated Harlan to write and direct such a film? Was he a Nazi true believer, an opportunistic careerist or just a filmmaker too fearful to say no? (…) The issue has various possible answers, all of which Mr. Moeller's film ponders without favouring one over another.“
New York Times
„A brilliant new documentary on Harlan and his legacy.“
The New York Review of Books
„Moeller avoids sensationalism and pointing fingers, letting each side have its say. “
New York Post
„The gamut of emotions revealed before Moeller's camera is extraordinary.“

World Sales: Cinephil, Israel
Cast and Crew
  • Director Felix Moeller
  • Producer amelie latscha
  • Screenwriter Felix Moeller
  • Director of Photography Ludolph Weyer
  • Editor Anette Fleming
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