a film by Pavel Mozhar


Germany | 2021 | 29:00 min

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Human Interest Society

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Documentary Short film
How do you go about crushing a protest? Handbook provides a comprehensive answer to this question. It includes almost everything, except no actual beatings take place in this instruction video.
It’s August 2020. While in Minsk protests are mounting against Lukashenko’s re-election, Pavel Mozhar follows the developments in his homeland from his room in Berlin. Over these few days, around 7,000 protesters were arrested by the notorious OMON riot police.
Mozhar studied hundreds of witness statements on the internet and discovered there was a systemic approach to the oppression. He transforms his room into a studio where he stages re-enactments of witness testimonies by a “police officer” wearing black clothes and a balaclava, and four “detainees” dressed identically in shirts and jeans. The result is distressingly instructive. [IDFA 2021]
Seal of Approval ‘highly recommended’
64 DOK Leipzig
IDFA Award for Best Short Documentary
15 Glasgow Short Film Festival
Docs Against Gravity
International Short Film Festival Nijmegen
Hamburg Short Film Award
Cast and Crew
  • Director Pavel Mozhar
  • Producer Pavel Mozhar, Kolja Wolle
  • Director of Photography Jonas Römmig
  • Editor Florian Seufert, Pavel Mozhar
  • Sound  Joscha Eickel, Bertold Budig
  • Sound Design  Ganna Gryniva
  • Other Friedi Blume (Artistic Design)
  • Animation Laura Därr
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