• HalfTime  (part 2 of Trilology of Talents)

    HalfTime (part 2 of Trilology of Talents)

HalfTime (part 2 of Trilology of Talents)

by Christoph Hübner, Gabriele Voss

HalfTime (part 2 of Trilology of Talents)

Germany | 2009 | 101:00 min

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In Summer 1998 we started a film with young football talents
from the famous german Club Borussia Dortmund. Almost all of
them played in national youth teams in their countries and with
their club they win the german youth championship five times
in a row. They were "THE CHAMPIONS". Their common dream
in these times was: a career as a professional footballer. In
Summer 2006, in the year of the Soccer World Cup in Germany, we followed them again for one season. They are now 25, 26 years old. What happend to their dreams? What were their experiences in the meantime? Do they play still football? And where? And what if not?
„HalfTime“ is a reflection about talent and character, about success and failure and everything in between. The scenes of the film spread over the whole world - from the Ruhr, the home of Borussia Dortmund over the World Bank in Washington up to a small town, 3400m high in the Ecuadorian Andes.
„HalfTime“ ist the second part of the longterm-projekt, TRILOGY OF TALENTS.

Christoph Huebner Filmproduktion
In der Lake 12
58456 Witten/Germany
tel.: +49 (0) 2302-25300
fax: +49 (0) 2302-55355
Cast and Crew
  • Director Christoph Hübner, Gabriele Voss
  • Producer Christoph Hübner, Gabriele Voss
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