• GAMEZONE - In the wake of cyberspace

    GAMEZONE - In the wake of cyberspace


GAMEZONE - In the wake of cyberspace

a film by Heide Breitel

GAMEZONE - In the wake of cyberspace

Germany | 2008 | 72:00 min

Original Title:
SPIELZONE - Im Sog virtueller Welten

Playing in virtual cyberspaces has become ordinary for many families. Those are permanently available havens of any kinds
of common problems, only one click away from reality. The cyberspace is clearly structured, excitingly designed and
always new in another way.
This documentary tries to find answers with the help of neuroscientist Prof. Dr. Gerland Huether and child and youth therapist Wolfgang Bergmann about the consequences of this development for mental, psychological and social evolution of children and what they are missing in the real world.
Cast and Crew
  • Director Heide Breitel
  • Editor Heide Breitel
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Production Company
Arnold Film GmbH
Urspringerstr. 2, 82064 Stra├člach-Dingharting

Phone: +49 89 20344177

Fax: +49 3212 5276653

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