• Fugu - A Taste to Die For

    Fugu - A Taste to Die For

  • Fugu - A Taste to Die For

    Fugu - A Taste to Die For


Fugu - A Taste to Die For

a film by John Wate

Fugu - A Taste to Die For

Germany | 2010

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Society Science

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52min or 43min English, French or German version
It’s the most dangerous delicacy in the world. Despite incidents of poisoning year after year, the popularity of this exotic dish in Japan remains unbroken. The Japanese blowfish fugu contains one of the deadliest poisons known to man, 1250 times more potent than cyanide. If the cook isn’t skilled in the use of a filet knife, the gourmet meal could become a death sentence for the restaurant guest. In a noble Tokyo restaurant, we will accompany an apprentice during the extremely challenging training to become a fugu cook. The chef and his apprentice will familiarize us with the cult of this delicacy, which is both feared and revered.
Cast and Crew
  • Director John Wate
  • Screenwriter John Wate
  • Director of Photography Robin Probyn
  • Editor John Wate
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