• Fly Rocket Fly

    Fly Rocket Fly

    Mit Macheten zu den Sternen


Fly Rocket Fly

Mit Macheten zu den Sternen

a film by Oliver Schwehm

Fly Rocket Fly

Germany | 2018 | 91:00 min

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52min or 91min with English and German subtitles available
Elon Musk and his company SpaceX aren't the first private venture to attempt to make it into space. This is the amazing story of Lutz Kayser, an aerospace engineer from southwestern Germany, who founded a private company, OTRAG, to develop and produce a satellite launch vehicle. In search of a suitable launch area, OTRAG signs a lease with Zairean dictator Mobutu Sese Seko for an area of jungle the size of East Germany. Here the company builds its own spaceport, a "German Cape Canaveral" in the heart of Africa, complete with its own butcher shop and marijuana plantation. But what began as an adventure slowly turns into a nightmare.
FILMFEST MÜNCHEN 2018 WorldPremiere
LOLA@Berlinale - shortlisted for German Film Award Documentary 2019
Cast and Crew
  • Director Oliver Schwehm
  • Producer Markus Hilß
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