a film by Annekatrin Hendel


Germany | 2017 | 79:00 min

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Take your broken heart, make it into art.
Annekatrin Hendel (VATERLANDSVERRÄTER, ANDERSON, FASSBINDER) paints an intimate picture of
her friend, costume designer, singer, painter, and photographer Ines Rastig (1965–2016).
Hendel takes on script, directing, cinematography, and sound herself. The footage is shot in January 2016 in a singular hotel room with a view of the Baltic Sea; two months after Ines Rastig was diagnosed with lung cancer and four months before her death.
A film about contradictions: the narrowness of the room and the vastness of the ocean, the dying body and the creative energy, the physical closeness and the escape to the internet. A dialog on a par with a stubborn and feisty artist, who, in her last years, communicated with the world mainly virtually.
Uraufführung in der Sektion Panorama der Berlinale 2017
Berlinale: Heiner Carow Preis der DEFA Stiftung 2017
in der Vorauswahl zum Deutschen Filmpreis 2017
im Wettbewerb von DocAviv 2017
Kinostart 11.5.2017
Cast and Crew
  • Director Annekatrin Hendel
  • Protagonist  Ines Rastig
  • Editor Rune Schweitzer
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Production Company
IT WORKS! medien GmbH
Gneiststrasse 19, 10437 Berlin
Salzgeber & Co. Medien GmbH
Mehringdamm 33, 10961 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 28529090

Fax: +49 30 28529099
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